Ibadan, Nigeria is usually called THE BROWN ROOF CITY by mockers,  but i will call it a hospitable city in which all tribes and religion thrive.

In my 17-year long stay in d city, i only heard of KINGSWAY SUPERMART but did not visit the place cos it closed down before i could know what my name is. In the past, the city played host to various eatries,stores and supermarts either dead or alive but the arrival of  SHOPRITE ignited a wild fire presently consuming the city’s residents both schooled and unschooled.

I visited the mall at cocoa house premises at dugbe on sunday,30th june to get few items i could have gotten elsewhere but i wanted to indulge myself in what i have been seeing in movies only.

Call me “OMO OKO (Village boy)” i say yes. Is it my fault that kingsway closed down? is it my fault that i dont live in Ajah,Ikoyi,Lekki,etc?

Thousands of residents like me have been visiting the mall since opening on 27th june…

…to be continued

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