For Steve Umoren, 25, going to work has
become a drag. He finds his job exciting
enough, but what sets him on edge is working
with a 65-year-old boss who wants it done
the old way. Steve is a product of the internet
age when workers can access tons of
information while nodding their heads to
music from iPods. He wears jeans to work at
the start of the week and feels his manager
does not necessarily have to be notified before
he takes time off work. But his boss, who was
born and raised shortly after World War II,
view things a lot differently. For him, e-mail
technology is similar to rocket science, so
letters must be written by hand; shirts must
be neatly tucked into trousers and shoes
shined, banters with colleagues while working
is not allowed and absence from work without
three days’ notice is anathema.
“I’m just tired of the old man,” says Steve,
who is in search of another workplace and
possibly a boss closer to his generation. “I
wonder why I had to be paired up with a
manager who has no idea we are living in the
21st century.”

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