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We have two Nigerias! One was sold, the other
pocketed the 30pieces of silver. One loots for
a living, the other is looted and laughed at.
There is a Nigeria that must die on terrible
roads and the Nigeria that simply flies over
the roads. One Nigeria does it’s shopping
abroad along with medicare and good schools
for its children, the other shops in endless
traffic, dies in local hospitals and hopes that
schools will open long enough for its children
to graduate into hopelessness. One Nigeria
lives in fear, the other can afford policemen
and private thugs. One Nigeria has properties
in Nigeria and abroad, the other has nowhere
to live…

The first Nigeria is occupied by a few people,
mostly feeding on the state without delivering
commensurate value. Most of its inhabitants
amass wealth to themselves. They despise
and look down on the occupants of the second
Nigeria, who are scrambling for survival on all
fronts and on daily basis, confronting the
challenges of failing security, environmental
degradation, epileptic power supply, deficient
healthcare delivery, poor education for their
dependants and denial of opportunity to
maximize their God-given potentials.

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