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#lobatan #IdonENTERam
imagine! i got a new apartment recently. i’ve been enjoying d serenity of the environment until last night. d church on d next plot started a so called ‘ISOJI’ on thursday evening. i tried coping with d noise from the giant PV speakers (about 6 in number) on thursday evening. ‘ISOJI’ turned wierd on friday night when they set up the PA system around 9pm. the recorded music of MEGA 99 opened the ‘show’. i felt it was a mere mischief by a PA system attendant. i went to sleep amidst d noise. i was woken up by a Live musical rendition by someone who doesnt sound different from ORLANDO OWOH. i got up from my bed to really find out what was happening cos i started wandering if it was a night party or the same ‘ISOJI’ people. i looked out through my kitchen window(d fence wasnt high at that section of the premises), lo and behold i saw them (they were having the program outdoor) all in their religious wears with some plate-like things in their hand. these folks must be kidding me! they are taking PEPPER SOUP in a vigil. i couldnt sleep from that time(3am) until they finished around 5am. various singers (male and female, young and old) came up to sing hi-life musics. did they pray at any time in the ‘ISOJI’? that may be when i was asleep. please tell me it happens at some other places.

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