MY CITY OF BIRTH (A Poem) by Kayode Gideon Balogun

ibadan view

My city of birth

the city I grew to love
I opened my infant eyes to see her prosperity
the various organs of her system fascinates me
these organs are made up of various interesting and intriguing tissues and cells
I woke up in life to know that I live in a tissue called ‘aiyegbusi’
this tissue is bordered at d north with another tissue called ‘imalefalafia’
at the south by ‘ajeigbe’
at the west by ‘ososami’
at the east by ‘anfani’
destiny introduced me to others
‘oke ado’ and ‘elekuro’ gave me education
‘ogunpa’ and ‘agbeni’ gave me business instincts
‘felele’ and ‘challenge’ gave me religion
my city of birth
my city of birth
if I come again to this world
my cradle had better be waiting for me there
ibadan shirt

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