Journey to Abraka, Beauty of Benin City (My Memoir – Part 2)


My journey to Abraka was exciting and adventurous. The bus I boarded was Benin City bound so I was glad I will touch down in the city I have been longing to visit (even if it is for 15 minutes). My father’s mum is from the city. I grew up listening to my father speak the language of the city; in which he spent half of his lifetime.

 We had a stop-by at Ore to relax, ease ourselves and eat/drink for about 15 minutes. After the short stoppage we rode through the jarring road till we got to the border of Edo state where the road becomes friendly. The notable town on the highway from Ore to Benin is Okada in Edo state, the home of Igbinedion University. The bus traveled through Lagos road in Benin as it entered the capital city. The city’s look didn’t disappoint me at all; the road was dotted with Hotels, massive shopping malls, filling stations, beautiful landscapes, road signage, etc.

 From Lagos road, we meandered into Urubi Street where the bus has its terminal. It was on this road I discovered that I have not been seeing Commercial motorcycles (a.k.a. Okada) on the roads in the city as it is common in most Nigerian capital cities. I was told that the government banned their activities in the city. The bus got to its terminal which is adjudged by me to be customer and environmental-friendly.

 Through my story so far, I haven’t mentioned anything about the mild dramas that happened amidst us the passengers and with the driver. I will give details in the next part of my memoir.

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