Journey to Abraka, My Urge (My Memoir – Part 5)


This memoir seems unending, maybe I write a book of it; it is a volume of its own.

We left Lagos for Benin City that beautiful morning, the bus was in good condition (to my simple knowledge). The bus took us to Benin City without glitch. That morning was cold and the air-conditioner in the bus was working at its maximum. Whenever there is high humidity, I tend to urinate more than when humidity is low. I have noticed that over the years, though I have not complained that to any Physician, I wouldn’t know if it is a medical condition. Not long after our departure from the bus terminal I had a slight urge to urinate. “O my God! We are still in Lagos” I exclaimed silently. “Why should I want to urinate so soon after urinating before leaving home” I muttered. It was then it occurred to me that humidity has been high around me. We were still in traffic in Lagos, so asking for permission at that instance was out of place. Even if I wanted to, the “evil luggage” that filled the doorway wouldn’t allow me.

When we got to Sagamu interchange, I decided I will hold myself till we get to Ore in Ondo state where we would have a stop-by. I held myself for an hour; I looked out of the window to see where we were. I couldn’t believe we were still in Ogun state. The feeling was getting stronger, but I held on still. After 30 minutes, I looked out and saw that we were in Ondo state but not in Ore yet. At that time, if I continue holding on, I risk getting a medical condition with my bladder. “Driver, please stop at the next filling station. I want to ease myself!” I shouted from the back of the bus to the driver so that he could hear me because he has been playing some uninteresting (though to me) Benin music at high volume.
“Oga, I no fit stop o! If I see Police check point, I go stop for you” he shouted back. He took the decision for security reasons which I clearly understood. I held my peace and started praying we get to a Police check point soon. “What if there is no check point till Ore, what will happen?” I asked myself. Then I started praying that some Policemen should stray to the highway and mount a road-block.


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