Journey to Abraka, Traveling with Woman of Delusion (My Memoir – Part 6)


In what seem to be an intervention of God, the driver stopped to allow me ease myself at a filling station after about 10 minutes of driving. The driver complained of the stress I’m giving him in dislodging the “evil luggage” from the bus and replacing same. He would do the same when we have our stop-by at Ore. I quickly discharged what was necessary from my body system. The driver did the same at my side.

 We continued our journey to Benin-City. When we got to Okada town, the vehicle stopped. A ‘deluded’ woman (in her thirties) seated behind the driver had earlier told the driver to stop for her at the town junction to quickly exchange something with someone. It was when we got to the junction that she reached for her phone to call the fellow. Imagine! I wonder how some women’s nervous system is wired. So, she expects us to wait at the junction for God-knows-who that is coming for only-God-knows minutes.

 The driver moved on. We entered the Benin-City and were cruising through Lagos road when the same woman beckoned to the driver that she wants to alight. The place where she wanted to alight is a section of the city where vehicles can’t park indiscriminately; otherwise, grievous sanctions will be meted out to such offenders. The woman started ranting. None of the passengers in the bus acknowledged her.

 We journeyed on till we entered Urubi Street where the driver felt he could give her the privilege of alighting. In her bid to alight, she uttered insulting words to the woman with the “evil luggage” and the driver. She accused the woman of excessive luggage that in turn made the driver reluctant to let her alight where she wanted. Commotion started and lasted about 5 minutes. The driver threatened beating the woman insulting him; afterwards, he’ll make himself naked. ‘Haba’ I exclaimed, “So who will take the rest of us to the bus terminal”.



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