Give me some sunshine,

Give me some rain,

Give me another chance,

I want to grow up again…

those are the lyrics of a song in the movie “3 IDIOTS”.

I remember my days at the primary and secondary schools when i draw and sketch virtually anything. my stack of drawing drawing books and comics adorn the bedroom i share with my siblings.

I had great friends that we do this together at Baptist Secondary School, Oke-Ado in Ibadan Nigeria, Famuyiwa Olukayode, Ogundeko Taiwo, Dada Yinka  and  Ossom Charles and others. All these great individuals are now doing exploits in their various field of study.  Virtually all of us did not pursue the passion we found in our early years. I found another passion when i got to Wesley College of Science, Elekuro in the same city; that was Creative writing and Graphic design which i practice till date. (see some of my works HERE- http://www.preciousolivine.wordpress.com)

We drew various comic and cartoon characters including Donald duck, Popeye, mickey mouse, super-man, batman, peter pan, wonder woman, spider man, tom and jerry, pink panther, scoopy-doo, bugs bunny, etc. we bought comics with virtually all our monies saved. we do create our own comics and sell them. we do have competitions within ourselves. classmates sometime buy our drawings. we were BIG boys in school because we were regarded as influential and talented individuals. 

I reminiscence on those days of great fantasy, i wish i can go back in those days of “no worries”- HAKUNA MATATA



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