I have been encouraged to post write-ups often on my blog by the number of FOLLOWS and LIKES I obtain from foreigners and Nigerians alike. I appreciate you all.


Moving around Lagos-Nigeria, I have been terrorized by so many ladies, with their fashion sense. It is note-worthy that Lagos is characterized with all fashion style you can think of in the world. Every famous and world-class designer is fully represented and patronized by influential Lagosians.


When I move around in Lagos, I see ladies who dress in a way that I wish I am a lady while some dress in a way that I wish I were God (please don’t ask me what I would have done).

Fine, ‘Cleavage dresses’ are in vogue, I don’t have problem with that but the terror of wearing them are the surfaces some ladies expose. They have all sorts such as acne, eczema, stretch marks, warts, black heads, insect bite marks, etc . Asking how I see those? Don’t mind my manners! I just simply look and I see. Open your eyes in Lagos you will also see.

Some ladies who are not destined to wear Trousers wear them and look like creatures I shouldn’t mention on media.

The Hairstyles of these terrorists are usually colossal. Their Make-up are detrimental and not Eco-friendly (they contribute to climate-change). I walked past a primary school teacher recently, she fixed eye-lashes extensions which were very long. I wonder if her Pupils will hear a word of what she says in class because the eye-lashes extension will be their focus. In short she’s terrorizes them.

Whenever I pass by these terrorists on the street of Lagos, I do imagine what would have become of me if I am a Woman. I would have been tagged a “fashion freak”.

I will make another post to talk about the dress-colour combinations of these terrorists and the ways they expose their ‘sacred’ bodies.

If I am allowed, I would say that by year 2020, perverse men will be dressed to the teeth while perverse women will be dressed in Fish-nets.




Great regards!


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