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With the rate at which Nigerian graduates are venturing into the fashion world and other allied sectors gives me some concerns about the fate of the artisans and operators in these sectors who have dominated the sectors from time immemorial.

Tailors, Hair-dressers, Fashion designers, Make-up artists, Costumiers, Interior decorators, etc in Nigeria have long ago been majorly averagely or uneducated individuals who learnt the skills in an informal way as apprentices.

Nowadays, university and other tertiary institutions graduates now attend fashion schools or paid apprenticeship at various formal and informal outlets/centres in major towns in the country (no thanks to the growing unemployment rate).

Some undergraduates also seized the opportunity of the Academic Staff Union of Universities and Polytechnic strikes to do same. The training takes between 3months and a year and participants have the choice of running a full-time or part-time programme.

My fear is what befalls the uneducated individuals who had been the dominators of the sectors from time past if they do not step-up their game in regard to what is trending, ingenuity, originality and creativity. For example, a graduate of Architecture in the fashion industry, in my own opinion will beat virtually everyone hands down (except for those who studied Art & Design or Textile design in school) in creativity, colour effect and material arrangement because that is what he/she  has been experimenting with for years.

Given the rate at which learned youths venture into these sectors, the unschooled in the industry might end up eating from the crumbs falling from the educated fellows. QED.

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  1. I like your pictures.
    Personally speaking, African fabric-inspired clothes (esp Ankara) are the way to go. There are many viable business opportunities in other African countries where there is a high demand for Ankara clothes (but low supply). Those graduates should look into serving the South African market for example (with technology they can even serve the market without leaving Nigeria).


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