If the system is not helping, help yourself




A good number of our graduates just discovered that the knowledge they’v acquired for 4/5 years on campus is of little or no relevance or importance to the outside world and they were ‘smart’ (at least it is not too late) to find refuge in fashion designing, make up, hat and bead making, making of ankara bags, shoes and accessories, blogging, photography etc.

But my problem is that a massive number of young folks are rushing to JAMB for entering into these 4/5 programs. I dare say most of them are colossal waste of time. We just go about deceiving our youths that they should go to school to be educated. And the only arrangement in such schools is to copy notes in class, cram them, go for tests and exams and get a certificate after 4/5 yrs. No transfer of knowledge that is applicable on the streets of Akure, Ibadan, Osogbo or Lagos. 

We are no more in the days of Wole Soyinka where university degrees were hot cakes. And that is because if you follow the system loyally for 4/5 yrs, you’l end up having an empty head after school. You wont be able to think creatively, you wont be valuable to employers, you wont even be able to start something of your own because you wont know how to and you wont be educated. 

However, it’l be of massive benefit to our youths if they can read, study, connect and be open minded. If they really focus on being educated and not the certificate then they’l be a plus to the society. And not be categorized as part of the ‘unemployed youths’ who are to be pitied. 

With careful observation, you’l discover that most of the people you can term as being successful in the contemporary Nigeria are those that actually focused on areas far away from what our university curricula teach. They took advantage of their 4/5 yrs in school to gather valuable knowledge and skills and to network with fellow young and great minds. 

If the system is not helping, help yourself.










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