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I have always been fascinated at the speed with
which boys flood the streets once there’s fuel
scarcity. But then thinking about it again, it’s not that
difficult, is it? What are their assets? Two 25 liter
kegs and a funnel, which is actually half a liter bottle
of water. I guess the most valuable asset they need
is having a link at the filling stations.
So they buy a 25 liter keg of fuel officially for
N2,500. They sell to a desperate me at N5,000. Not
bad for business. 100% profit. The thing is that, that
percentage is subject to increase as scarcity
persists. Which is actually the prayer of these fuel
facilitation officers.
As they oscillate between the filling station and the
road, their prayers are answered by God. Yes? If it
was, then obviously, you and I are the ones
subsidizing the cost of that answered prayer by
If your DSTv subscription runs out, truth is, you
shouldn’t miss African Magic that much. That’s
because there’s drama everyday in Nigeria. How do
you want it? Tragedy, comedy, horror or suspense.
We’ve got it.
One day you drive into the filing station and the
attendants are waving to you to come to their pump.
The next, they lock the gates, stroll around casually
and when they are up to it, they open the gate and
sell through one pump. And then, they tell you, they
are not selling into kegs. Oh, may be I missed
something! Perhaps, power is now constant. Nah!
Ok, so, what am I supposed to do…bring my
generator to the gas station?
We are well aware of the failure of leadership. Like
we had happen this last weekend per the
immigration stampede. More than a dozen needless
deaths. Then the minister of interior comes and
says, the applicants caused it. He said they were
impatient. As is typical, his media aide will probably
come out and say he was quoted out of context.
Well, I didn’t just listen to what he said, I saw how
he said it. He was cocky and without empathy. That
was in context, Mr. Media aide before you speak.
I and a few Nigerians demanded for Comrade (?)
Moro’s resignation and that of the Comptroller
General of the Nigerian Immigration Service. While
for me it’s startling to see that we are struggling to
get 5000 signatures on for this purpose,
I’m even more befuddled by the government’s
response. You see, the government is using the
black market strategy. Personalizing the
compensation. Well, here’s what. What happened
was not just injustice on 17 people (did I get the
figure right?), but on this whole nation. Mr.
President, Mr. Maku, Mr. Abati or Mr. Okupe, I will
like to know what’s going to happen to the N570
million raised? Why is the name of the recruitment
agency shrouded in so much secrecy? Abi na
another cabal? Does the buck ever stop on anyone’s
table in this administration? And now we are hearing
that the leadership of the NIS didn’t even know
about this! Hmm, drama!
Okay I’m done with government yabis. While we are
quick to point to the failure of government, there’s
also the failure of us as a people. Hey, on that day,
people stepped on people to get into the stadium.
We do that ever so often. And we are so quick to
thank God that we got away while other didn’t. God
gets so accused often in this nation. The other day
after a plane crash, our minister of aviation said it
was an act of God. Well, we’ve since discovered that
the plane was not in a great condition. Like I tweeted
then, I do say, Lord, once again, on behalf of the
past minister and our nation, I apologize for that
wrong accusation.
The price at which we derive a lot of our personal
testimonies are too high and it reeks of blind
selfishness. There’s a price to be paid for this
nation’s deliverance. Part of that price is going to
come from the middle class elite. We are the one
who knows what’s up and what’s down. Those
young lads that were are the stadium last Saturday?
They don’t know that much. Most of them are only
turned on by Barca, Iyanya, Ralph Lauren and sex. I
said most of them, not all of them. (Don’t take me
out of context.) If you think I’m kidding, go discover
what tickles them by their responses on Linda Ikeji’s
So back to the elite. You’ve got your ride. And
there’s that picture on the wall with you and your
family wearing white tops and blue jeans. That’s
cool. Life’s good. LG. But if we all don’t do
something now, we are sitting targets. I bet an
opportunity is going to come tomorrow for us to hit
the streets and express our displeasure with the
government. Don’t stay at home. Join us on the
road. When we need to sign a petition, take a
moment to do so. You don’t have to. But think about
it. After all, you are online on your BB, iPhone, iPad
and laptop. So what’s the excuse?
Let’s think about our nation. Life is not just about
being able to afford 25 liters for N5000. Let’s speak
up. Come together as an alumni association or
young men in church and see how you can impact a
public school or do a medical outreach. And not just
once a year for photo ops, but consistently and
All these, that there might be a better tomorrow. If
not for us, at least for our children.

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