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Back then in my university days,

I always had this problem of washing my clothes.

Washing of clothes to me was one activity that I hated so very much and I knew exactly why.

First it was the struggle to fetch water, because many people too would want to wash,

Then it was the struggle for where to wash and worst of it all,

The struggle and battle of where to hang your clothes as all the lines would have been occupied

Being the very ‘hardworking’ person that I was,

I always woke up early enough to meet a crowd at the tap.

And whenever that happened, I simply shake my impatient head, pack back my clothes and off I went to look for ‘mama’ (that was what we called our cleaners then) to pay her to perform this life-threatening activity for me.

This became like a ritual for me as every Saturday morning,

I repeated the same process.

Well as nemesis would have it, one Saturday morning,

I woke up a little ‘earlier’ than normal to meet more crowd at the tap.

It was like the whole school had converged at that tap.

Initially I thought it was a crusade ground.

“This must be deeper-life Campus fellowship again” I said to myself as I bounced to the tap

Then on close observation, I noticed that they were actually fetching water.

Then I asked someone close to me and he said that was the only source of water in the entire hostel for

now as there was no light to pump water and the school generator was bad.

Well, No way I was waiting for my turn.

So off I went ‘mama-hunting’


To my greatest surprise, mama wasn’t in the hostel.

They had a staff meeting and all the ‘mamas’ had gone to attend.

The bad news…I had a wedding to attend the following day…I was to give a speech at the wedding

and the suit I was to wear looked a little better than a vulcanizer’s work clothes

So I had no choice but to be number 1,847,381 on the queue to fetch water.

Well I waited patiently on the queue silently laying curses on the people responsible for my predicament

From the person that called for mamas meeting on such a crucial day to the Nigerian government for corruption and epileptic power supply and to Adam and Eve for eating the forbidden fruit. Yes they caused it too.

While I was still laying curses, one of my friends passed by fully dressed

I was shocked that this water situation didn’t affect him. Then he came towards me.

And I asked him if he had washed. He said Yes.

I was shocked but then I asked where he got water from and he told me that he simply discovered the best time to wash so he doesn’t ever have the water problem.

Still curious, I asked him when was the best time to wash and guess what he said



Weird isn’t it.

He went on to explain that most people rather club on Friday night or have fun than wash

So there is always so much space at the tap and the tap is always very fast and he gets to hang his clothes on the lines since most people won’t have washed.

He even said he may even wash his entire locker and still find enough hanging space on the lines.

Very very revealing

That was it I had discovered the secret.

That ended my ‘mama-hunting’ episodes.

Just like the crowd at the tap on Saturday mornings, Most people rather wait till an information gets saturated or till It gets late before they take action.

ACT NOW and ‘Wash your Clothes on Friday Night’ because many have gone ‘clubbing’ now so you don’t go ‘money-hunting’ when it gets late.

P.S: I finally had to borrow a suit for the wedding and my dear, this suit could contain my entire extended family plus one elephant. I felt awkward…I learnt the hard way.

Ebuka Anyaeji
Luth idiaraba lagos lagos 234 NIGERIA


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