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What is your Escape Strategy?

People engage in one activity or the other when they are sad, troubled or distressed. some drink excess alcohol, some go moody, some take a long walk, some get depressed, some break things, some vent their sadness on others in form of hate, rage or anger. those can be said to be their Escape strategy. what is/are yours?

I discovered mine in 2008 while i was in most remote part of Enugu state, Nigeria on NYSC programme. I do send goodwill SMS to my acquaintances when i am down. it worked so well. The following year, i created my facebook and twitter account which i use also to escape my down times.

In January, 2013, i created my blog; as part of my escape strategy. I created my google plus, pinterest and instagram accounts the same year. since then, i have found great escape in the SOCIAL MEDIA besides PRAYING and reading the BIBLE during my down times.


In 2014, i got on the whatsapp and bbm platforms.
I understand when people wonder about my obsession about the social media. it is not my fault, it is an imperative.
So many people had gone into irredeemable depression because they had no Escape Strategy.

As for me, Kayode Balogun, you cannot know when am in joy or otherwise. I remember August 2014, i had a eye treatment that made one of eyes shut for 48hours. yet, i tweeted, posted on facebook and posted on my blog at the time. i cant afford to give myself hypertension now. Abegi! life is too short to brood on your experiences.

I had a tragicomedy in my life that changed the course of my life September/November, 2014, at the same time i still tweeted and facebooked. though it wasn’t easy doing that but i had no choice. i have no other Escape plan.

I urge you to find a productive Escape Strategy out of your predicaments. if you had received goodwill text message, whatsapp message or bbm message from me in the past when you least expected it, i want you to know that i was one way or the other down emotional at those times.

I pray this spurs you to find your way out. *CHEERS*

PS: I know you will be wondering what situation am in now… lol… maybe i am on a sick bed… lol…


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