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Cacophony of Barrenness


Cacophony of Barreness by Kayode Balogun

It is no news that Nigeria is about to hold a crucial election. The news is the dimension the campaigns have taken. It is not surprising but frightening. Big-wigs of the two prominent parties; APC and PDP have made various forms of statements ranging from offensive to comical. Latest is the statement by the nations firstlady who affirmatively stated that members of the opposition party should be stoned when they chant their party slogan. This statement has earned her a lawsuit at the International Criminal Court. The plaintiff; APC sighted HATE SPEECH as basis for the suit.

Many people have exchanged banters when talking about or supporting either of the two main contenders; Dr Goodluck Jonathan, incubent and Gen. Muhammadu Buhari. Some exchange insults. I wish to bring to the consciousness of all and sundry that none of the two parties have the monopoly of what it alleged of. Is it lies? They both lie. Is it violence? They are both violent. Is it painting of a picture and promising of a perfect society? They both do.


In this whole cacophony, I wish to relate the political events unfolding in a short story:

In a land far away, a man in his early Fifties lives with his two barren wives.
Sixteen years ago, he married his first wife. Eight years later he married the second because the first couldnt give him a child. The first wife consulted a wizard in order to bewitch her husband and hypnotize him so that he can only do her bidding.
She cast the spell on him at 20:07hrs with 36words. The spell worked so well and the husband became her stooge.

The second wife lacked attention, a situation she believed to be caused by lack of love for her by her husband.

Four year cycle was the renewal of the potency of her bewitching potion. When she did, the potency droped 25% because she couldnt find some ingredients required for the potion to work effectively. So, the husband had little opportunity to give attention to the second wife.

Despite all this, none of the wives conceived. When another four year cycle turned. The wizard had died and the ingredients required were only available in scanty quantity. The potion potency barely reached 25%. At this point the husband was freed and he realized he has been hypnotized over the years. He renewed his romance with his second wife. He forgave the first wife but placed a ban on giving her attention until the number of years she took his attention away from the second wife is complete.

*End of story*



The husband is the Nigerian masses/electorates.
The first wife is PDP.
The second wife is APC.

Remember that both wives are presently ‘BARREN’


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