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CUPID SHOT ME (A POEM) by Kayode Gideon Balogun


The struggle started

The battle was set

I gathered my Arsenal

Set to take on Cupid

Cupid had just a Bow and Arrow

I laughed, I belched

I felt like Goliath

I yawned, I bragged

I snarled, I mocked

Just as Goliath

I teased Cupid, laughed at him

I went to battle with great arsenal

He came with a Bow and Arrow

Just like David

He was cool

He was calm

Has was collected

He swore, He pledged

He said I would be shot

He pulled his arrow on the bow

He shot

Just as David’s stone hit Goliath

Cupid shot me at my Achilles heel

Cupid shot me

Cupid shot me real good

Cupid shot me real quick


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