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Ari: Posh Schools, Moneyed Parents & Spoilt Kids

I remember going with my friend to her son’s
school at Anthony to drop off a gift on Teachers
Appreciation Day. She got the teacher a MAC
lipstick and Eyeshadow. I was teasing her for
never giving me any gift that lavish when my eye
popped at the gifts other parents brought. I saw
LCD TVs, iPads, Galaxy Tabs, Laptops and Gift
Cards. Add this to school fees of almost
N400,000 per term and I had to ask her: are
these parents appreciating the teacher or
showing the teacher they have big bucks?
Students proceed to brag on the playground
about who brought the most expensive items,
and who seems broke because their gift was just
cheap. I wonder if a teacher would treat a
student whose parents gave him/her a Macbook
the same way as the student whose parents gave
DaViva Ankara.


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