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Love Up with Lumie -THE MAN AT THE CAFÉ.

Hi friends, hope your week has been great so far.
Mine has been eventful, so i didn’t have much
time for one of the favorite things I do to unwind,
This week, my Wednesday session of eating out
was really eventful so i thought it will be cool to
give you the gist.
On sitting to consume some tasty fried rice,
another man (around his mid 60s surely) came
and shared my table. Forget the gray, for a man
of his age, he was looking pretty ‘happy’, had a
friendly smile and he was good company! He was
having beans and ‘dodo’ (plantain).
Long story cut short a lady at another corner of
the cafeteria was wearing something you could
have called a bikini of some sorts. I had sighted
her (sat with her boyfriend- guessing so) on my
way in BUT such stuff was an unnecessary
concern of mine, on top of that- I don’t know her!
As this girl was about to leave, while we were
about to eat, “the man at the café” (my table
mate) opened talks by saying before now he used
to lament: “do women want to spoil this world?”
but these days after seeing the much worse
nudity, he now has a new version: “do women
want to end this world?! ” Hahahaha.
At this point I acted as if I didn’t give the
monkeys if that bothered him, I really don’t
lament or listen to anyone who does. There are
many things we can’t change, why waste
precious time lamenting?!
As i ignored him and kept on enjoing my meal, he
surely proved to be persistent when he said to
me: “Look… Look! Look at her” as the
unsuspecting lady took her leave…
When he said “I am a doctor with specialty in
fertility,” I began to read signs that he was
probably not just lamenting, so i encouraged him
with my first eye-to-eye contact.
These were his words: “I’ve had a lot of patients
down through my years of practice but I’m
surprised that most of them were YOUNG
couples. They say to me ‘we can’t make babies’
but with all my years of experience, I’m still
surprised at how it’s mostly YOUNG people in
their 20s… 30s that can’t make babies. I kept
asking, why?
No doubt, a woman’s body and shape is
supposed to trigger a man… especially her
breasts, chai-chai, naturally! Without struggling!
So, why do many young men and husbands
experience weak erection when it’s time to make
His conclusion was quite interesting: “Naked
women no longer have meaning to YOUNG men.
And the more women cheapen it, the more the
arousal diminishes. That’s why wives have
bodies that no longer triggers them much, hence
the weak erection!”
Interesting perspective. Together, this weekend,
I’d like us to share our perspectives on a number
of issues around sex.
Don’t miss a thing!


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