It has been a while that I published an article on my blog. I guess I was having a writer’s block for some time.

When Wale Adenuga made the statement, “Let your head be correct”, it got me thinking, asking myself the questions: in what ways is my head not correct in the past months? What have I been doing which I am not supposed to be doing if I want to be economically and financially stable in these present unstable Nigerian economic realities?

One thing came to mind as I was thinking, that is, how much my social media and internet presence has affected me economically/financially. The fact that in the midst of hikes in prices of different commodities and services, something is getting cheaper (well, that depends on what you think) got me thinking.
Call/SMS Tariffs are dropping and cost of Data subscription is getting lower by the day and the service providers are luring/enticing subscribers with more and more juicy packages. Years ago, one thousand naira could only give you 100 megabytes data but today, One thousand naira can give you 1.5 gigabytes of data. You may argue that data is practically free in some countries, yes, I know, but as far as our country Nigeria is concerned for now, we pay for it.

My point actually is that, are we (am I) actually taking advantage of this plunge in prices of voice call/SMS tariff and data subscription to our favour economically? Has it helped in getting more information required to boost our financial status?
For some Nigerians, more data means more movie/music download, for some, more data means more video/selfie upload. Folks! “LET YOUR HEAD BE CORRECT.” There is a sea of knowledge out there for you to get FREE information on virtually anything that will spring you into economic and financial good-standing in this haphazard economy. For most Nigerian students, the cheaper data has become a CURSE rather than a BLESSING. They are busy sharing mundane pictures, videos, articles and prayers on Whatsapp, BBM, Facebook, etc.

Corp members are not left out; you see them at their PPA taking Selfie endlessly when they are supposed to be at work (Imagine! leaders of tomorrow indeed) to upload them on various social media platforms. These individuals don’t know what awaits them in the open job market or even business world (for those who claim they want to go into business). They now have Snap Chat which in my own opinion is for jobless persons unless you are a celebrity.

If Nigeria will emerge as a global force to reckon with in few years to come, young educated Nigerians (in or out of school) should leverage on the vast information architecture on the internet to better their lives. Parents also should task their children on what output their children get from the World Wide Web. There is a myriad of free tutorials on various skills and business opportunities on YouTube download those, not the trending music video, movies, season movies that waste away your productive life. Leverage on the availability of the data to promote your business, your ideas and your passion.

Let your head be correct, work when others are sleeping. Do what is right if you don’t want to be a slave to your mates or your juniors. I see a new crop of industry shakers and opinion movers being bred and waiting to emerge against all odds.
That is my 2kobo advice!

Kayode Gideon Balogun


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