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Documentary Photography with Grannies

As a Documentary Photographer, I do learn new life lessons whenever I work on a documentary project. In this new year, on my first documentary project I learnt far greater lessons which I will enunciate in a sequel to this post.

The project is about the 60 years Wedding Anniversary of my maternal grandparents.
Yes, SIXTY long years of light and dark, ups and downs, pleasure and pain…

My grandpa will be 88years old next April and grandma will be 86years old in July.
This shoot took place at their hometown home in Ikenne-Remo, Ogun State, South-West-Nigeria.
More years I wish them in health and happiness.
I wish to document the 70th Wedding Anniversary.

PS: Don’t I resemble grandpa? I want to grow as old and more.
Grandpa still cook. Yes, he is king in the kitchen.
He is still the king of D-I-Y (Do-it-yourself)
He is his own carpenter, plumber, painter, etc. Grandma’s stew no longer has much pepper but is still as tasty as ever.







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