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I woke up this morning with this throbbing thought in my head, “Why do some people always want my life to be uninteresting as theirs?” They see you basking in the bubble of peace of mind, comfort and contentment (not complacency) but all they seek to do is puncture that bubble so that you can be like them.
You dont have a car as they do yet they envy your lovely smile when paying the okada man.
You dont have a house of your own as they do, yet they advice you against your landlord because he talks good about you.
You reel out your business plans, they tell you those are obsolete and goes further to introduce you to those ‘Get-rich-quick’ schemes.
I have always loved the arts and allied professions. I have always known what I want to be at milestones of my life. Every Ten years of my life so far, I always re-invent the persona; Kayode Balogun.
At age 10, I started making paper craft models, went further to make customised greeting cards for sale at age 15.
At 20, I was supposed to start photography but I couldn’t afford buying a Camera neither could my widowed mother because all resources were channelled into feeding and paying tuition. Instead, I went into Creative writing and Graphic designs. With proceeds from these, I partly sponsored myself in the polytechnic; coupled with scholarship and sponsorships I got. I was then, studying Building Technology; a course I see often as an art rather than a science.
At 30, I started photography and a subtle mentorship academy alongside Creative writing and Graphic design yet practicing what I was academically trained in; Building Technology.
At 40, I should be starting my clothing line or something around that.
At 50, I should be publishing my first book. All these are in pipeline if God wills.
So, if my life is interesting to me, biko! what is your own to ask me why am I not rich/wealthy.
We live in a society that believes your happiness depends on how rich your are. That your life can only be interesting if you have enough money to spend. Tah! The rich ‘cry’ the most!
The fact remains that people will always want you to be like them in their sorry state, yes, in their sedentary lifestyle. That is why someone who is unhappy in marriage will be seeking ways for you to complain about yours even when you don’t have complaints. “Da bi mo se da” (become my situation).
Why will you want to burst another man/woman’s bubble; IS IT YOUR BUBBLE?
Look around you today, many people live a life of uninteresting cycle; go out Monday morning till friday,  Saturday owambe and Sunday church service (if a christian) and the cycle continues for the next 40 or more years.
I have seen many persons work 9 to 5 for 35years and after all the years, they had no joy or fulfilment over all the monies they amassed.
If you have people around you demotivating your lofty life vision and goals -and you quit for their sake- I want you to know that they will still blame you later for lack of vision. Before they burst your bubble, carry your bubble to jump and pass them.
-Kayode Gideon Balogun
Writer/Blogger, Photographer & Teacher




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