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Nigeria is undoutedly a pseudo-nation, where all we do is live fake lives irrespective of ethnic or religious affiliation. We are indisposed when truth is to be spoken or stood for. I am neither for or against Mr Innocent Idibia’s (2FACE or TUFACE) intention to convene a protest rally. I am to articulate the background of his persona and matters inbetween the camps; for and against.
Tuface who has joined the ‘beard gang’ (which makes him look dishevelled) has a track record of preaching peace, civil responsibility and political accountability. Tuface is not alone in this, Eedris Abdulkareem, Sound Sultan, Lagbaja, 9ice, etc have periodically with their lyrical content engaged the populace on the need to be critical on the socio-economic imbalance in our nation.
We all need to know that if a dollar is exchanged for #1000, Tuface will not be broke. tah! I don’t think so. He is just using the little platform he has to push a good cause. Though some say because he probably has a child in every state in Nigeria, his cash flow is threatened by the economic situation. Well, I will leave that for ‘the gods’.
Tuface’s personal life can’t be tied to his intention to convene a protest rally. Those riding on the statement that he has no moral grounds to do so still see Late Fela Kuti as a hero. Aren’t some Nigerians confused? What differentiates Tuface from Fela. Fill in the gaps__________, ______, _______…
It is a truth that Tuface is just one of other young nigerian male that failed to handle their genital orifice with caution, dispensing their reproductive fluid in tanks that are willing. But that does not reduce him to a moron. Afterall, we have people worse than him making laws for the sane citizens in state and national assemblies.
He may in some ways have contributed to the nations problem by getting married in Dubai, buying and promoting imported wears and jewelry, etc because he isn’t a saint. He could have been part of the nation’s problem.
Tuface has been shot before and having fought for his life, he knows what it means for more jobless able bodied men to roam the street. He has been through that road and I can imagine he doesn’t wish Nigerians what happened to him.
On if Tuface was doing this for political reason, eskiss ma! eskiss sir! I dont know but I believe he has not been partisan except he just started.
“Tuface, Africa Queen crooner, Innocent Uja Idibia though does not have any candidate in the coming election but is championing the Vote Not Fight campaign. The star believes that election is not a do or die affair.” source:
Tuface cancelled the protest but he has forgotten that pushing a ball to roll down the hill requires a little force but the force needed to stop it is not little.
After all the hopes he had raised, finance that has gone into printing placards, service providers that have been paid and ‘aproko’ people like me who want a story to write about the protest, did he think he can wish away the protest? I see that he meant well for the nation but he doesnt have the strength and will-power of Fela Kuti. He wanted to dine with the devil but he forgot his long spoon at home.
I dont know what went down behind closed doors but his 1-minute video on instagram has cowardice written all over it and at that moment, i guess his reputation before some nigerians have gone from TERABYTE down to Megabyte.
Thanks to Enough is Enough initiatives and other groups that upheld the status quo
The #iStandWithNigeria / #oneVoiceNigeria protest rally has come and gone. Another group of hired stooges had a parallel rally in solidarity with the president #iStandWithBuhari. Trust some nigerians, as long as there is something in it for them, they can dance naked at Unity Fountain, Abuja.
PS: Attached are the Price changes in the nation. Ranging from the real to the mundane ones.



Tuface Idibia


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