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30 ‘Condiments’ of Business Success (Administrative concerns)

30 ‘Condiments’ of Business Success (Administrative concerns)
Don’t mind me using the word ‘Condiment’, the foodie persona in me won’t let me rest. lol…
1. Have a clear vision for your business
2. Define your business mission
3. Articulate your core values
4. Define your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
5. Clarify your business model
6. Define your target market
7. Carry out a business SWOT analysis
(assignment; google what SWOT analysis is)
8. Clarify what you are really selling
9. Decide your business positioning
10. Reach your ideal customer
11. Create a customer database
12. Create a customer Incentive system
13. Create a customer engagement plan
14. Design a sales funnel and channel
15. Design an online marketing plan
16. Design an offline marketing plan
17. Scout for your marketing tools and materials
18. Develop a Sales promotion strategy
19. Develop an After Sales Support system
20. Increase your distribution reach
21. Create a Human Resource plan
22. Create a Staff compensation plan
23. Create a Staff training plan
24. Design a Personal development plan
(you may need to learn how to speak better business English… lol)
25. Carry out Business Resources/System Audit
26. Develop a System Upgrade Plan
27. Product and Service Evaluation
28. Create Product/Service Upgrade plan
29. Evaluate your overall business progress
30. Get an accountable tax payment and profit sharing strategy
There are more steps which will depend on kind of business.
These 30 look shrouded in some ambiguity, aren’t they?
I will be articulating on each every Tuesday on my blog; for the next 30 weeks.
Kayode Balogun
February, 2017



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