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In recent times, people send me facebook, instagram and whatsapp messages requesting that I vote for them on one platform or the other in order to win an award or competition prize.
Whenever this happens, two questions do come to mind:
1. How do I know if you are worthy of the crown or not and on what basis?
Answer(s) to this question will guide me in making my decision. I need to know and consider other aspirants’ or competitors’ standing. I may prefer them to you. They may be more qualified and deserving of the prize. I would love to know your competitors’/co-aspirants, their works, strengths, weaknesses, worth in regard of the subject matter and make my voting judgement based on that.
Because you are a family member or friend/acquaintance do not mean you are the most qualified. If I vote on that basis, I am just being biased and sentimental.
2. What is it for me?
This question sounds ridiculous as it portrays selfishness. Well, as they say, there is no free lunch even in Freetown.
We citizens vote for politicians because we want something in return; good governance. If I would vote for you at all, (after finding out you are most qualified) I need a public promissory statement from you assuring me of a direct or indirect benefit I would get from it. Will your award or prize lead to more Corporate Social Responsibilty (CSR) on your part? Will humanity benefit from the award/prize you are aspiring for?
Some win these awards and do not even go back to thank those who voted them at the very least.
Why should I vote for you if I know your award/prize will be another feather in the cap of your egoistical pride?
What are your experiences in this regard? Share them in the comments section.
Best regards.
Kayode Balogun
March, 2017


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