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Clarify What You Are Really Selling


30 ‘Condiments’ of Business Success
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Condiment 8: Clarify what you are really selling.
What are you really selling? This is not the product or service you sell but the actual benefit your customers get from coming to you like convinience, quality service, affordability, etc.
Selling online or off can be tricky. In either environment, you’re trying to figure out what it is that people need or want and what it is that they will buy.
And often, people aren’t interested in buying a product or service. They’re interested in the benefit that comes from buying, not the product or service itself.
Someone who buys a weight-loss product isn’t that interested in the product. They’re looking for the benefit it provides–the ability to lose weight.
So what they really want, what they really care about, is losing weight, not buying a product. They care about the benefit they’ll personally receive.


If we take this one step further, we’ll see that people are looking for even more than this. Not only are they interested in a benefit, but they’re also interested in a certain return.
Continuing with the example of a weight-loss product, people not only want to lose weight, they also want to look great. They want all of the rewards that come from a more svelte physique. It’s not just about losing weight, but about having clothes that fit, having more confidence, and looking better at work and around town. People are interested in the payoff that comes from using a product or service.
This is why it’s important to ask what it is that you’re really selling . Without asking this question, you can stop short and just sell your product or service. If you sell fertilizer, you’ll tell people how great your fertilizer is and how much they need to buy it.
But if you go beyond the product itself and figure out what it is that people really want, you’re more likely to hit pay dirt. Instead of selling fertilizer, you’ll sell the dream of having the best looking lawn in the neighborhood. And as long as you aren’t lying, you aren’t being deceptive. You’re just figuring out what it is that people really want and selling that to them.
Yes, everybody loves Apple , including marketing people. So what is it that Apple does so well?
Apple goes beyond just selling amazing computers. Instead of focusing on how advanced the technology is or the speed of their latest processor, they stop to ask what it is that people really want.
One thing they determined is that people don’t just want a faster computer or a mind blowing operating system – they want a cooler self-image. In short, they want a computer that does everything they need and that also functions as a fashion accessory at the same time.


How to Apply This to Your Business

At this point, you may be asking yourself, “That’s great, but how do I apply this to my business?” Here’s how:
Step 1:
First re-consider your business and how you present it to customers. You may have been telling people for the last year that you sell “XYZ” product or service, but forget about that. Take a step back and consider what it is that you’re really selling. Try to get a fresh perspective on your product or service.
Step 2:
Ask this question: What is it that my customers want? You may have something you like about what you offer, but what is it that your customers really want? What do they dream about? Whatever it is, figure it out, and you’ll be on your way to positioning your product in the best way. The language you get from these customers will shape the marketing message that will most likely be the winning formula for years to come – so listen closely!
Step 3:
The next step is to re-consider your business to see which aspect needs to be re-adjusted and optimized. Once you do, take some time to test the new concept. If it improves your rates, go with it; if not, try something else. Keep testing until you figure out what it is that you’re really selling and what it is that people really want.


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