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Tales of Christine (TOC) 2


Christine was able to beat the traffic gridlocks we should have faced by taking some alternative routes on the island. She knows the island so well; after all, that’s where she works. We got to 12, Admilralty way, Lekki Phase1, 20 minutes behind the scheduled take-off time of the boat.
We entered the underground parking lot and had to squint our eyes to find a space to park because the lot was almost full. The security officer at the arena helped us find a space. As soon as we got down from the car, Christine reached for her clutch, opened it and gave the guy a #500 note. The guy hailed “Happy weekend Madam!” Christine gave him a wry smile while I was grinning. I can’t really remember why I was grinning (I can be weird like that)
We walked briskly to the reception of the Cruise Hotel to tender our tickets and pick-up the necessary souvenirs required. We were directed to the waterfront bar where we would get further details about the cruise. The waterfront bar was cozy; there was music by a bandstand named Broadway Band; a jazz music band. They played classic jazz music, I have good ears for music and I can tell when I hear it. They had the Brass instruments (French horns, tuba, trombone, trumpets and saxophone) and Wood wind instruments (piccolo, flute, clarinet, oboe and bassoon)
The air that evening was tinged with smell of honey, the skyline was so blue and tinted with gold from the setting sun. As we entered the waterfront bar, a petite lady approached us; she looked so gentle with a smile I only see in bollywood movies. She is one of the boat stewardesses. “Hey! Beautiful people” she said in an endearing voice as she adjusted the sinamay hat on her head. That voice with the cold air around my head made me forget my worries. She wore a navy-blue pencil skirt with a white peplum blouse with her name embroided on the right side of her bosom; ENIOBAFE. I started grinning, this time, it is for a noble reason, because I love the name.


“You must be Yoruba” I announced and she smiled again, “Yes, I am” she said shyly. Christine kicked me at my ankle, “Ooouch!” I whined and quickly smiled. “Madam, he should know that he shouldn’t be flirting with another woman right before you” Eniobafe stated. I was about shouting that we are not a couple but just friends when the horn of the Boston Whaler Cruiser Boat blared, cutting me off. The Captain was calling the attention of the passengers and crew members to board the boat. There are two boats actually. The second was the Sea Ray Cruiser Boat. The organisers have actually planned a flotilla; two boats cruising side by side.


photo credits: PrestCruise WaterFront Hotel

To be continued next Friday…


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