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Tales of Christine (TOC) 3


Christine and I presented our tickets to the male concierge at the dock. We entered the Boston Whaler Cruiser Boat which was for the VIP, the Sea Ray Cruiser was for the Regular. Christine had bought two VIP tickets for us, each cost 20,000 NGN. I heard at the waterfront bar from a nagging lady who was displeased with the guy with her (I guess she is his girlfriend/fiancée/wife). “So, you can only afford 10,000 NGN Regular Ticket?” She protested.
We entered the cruiser boat amidst the blasting sound of the boat’s Multi-zone Stereo system. I looked around to see how sophisticated it was. I saw the speaker ball enclosures in the cruiser cabin, subwoofer installations and Radar Arch Speakers. I asked the steward standing close by about the stereo system. He mentioned that the system has a 10 CD Changer with amplifier at the cockpit. “Wow! That is wicked!” I whispered.

photo credits: PrestCruise WaterFront Hotel
Lucky Dube’s ‘I’ve got You Baby’ was blasting on the stereo system. Christine has been singing along and I joined in. we both know the song so well. When we were in school, Christine and I were in a musical group. Few days to the Valentine’s Day of the final year of our National Diploma program, the group’s governor paired us as the two final year students in the group to do a duet of any song of our choice at the group’s Valentine’s Day get together.
Christine and I are great fans of Lucky Dube and Reggae music in general. So, it was no brainier that it would be a reggae duet we would do. A romantic song by Lucky Dube is certainly our pick. We rehearsed the song for two days since we knew the lyrics so well. We performed the song at the party amidst great admiration and cheering noise from the group members and invited guests. Christine and I looked good together; she had forced me into wearing a red Paul Smith shirt with a pair of white Valentino skinny pants which I bought for that purpose. I felt I looked like Fela Anikulapo Kuti in the outfit. Christine was gorgeous in her Anna Sui red maxi floral dress.
We were engrossed in the serenade that we got closer to each other and held hands in simulation our performance that Valentine’s Day years ago. We were in this compromising position when Eniobafe; the stewardess we met at the waterfront bar passed by and gave another of her heart melting smile. This time, her smile was not soothing as before, instead, the smile ‘stabbed’ me. I shyly withdrew from Christine and she bowed her head also. I was about to raise her chin to stabilize her emotions when the cruise compere said on the microphone, “Wawuuu! See those two; they have already set the mood for the cruise. Please give them a resounding applause.”
A deafening applause rented the air-conditioned marine enclosure.
To be continued next Friday…


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