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Business Vestibule: Create a Customer Engagement Plan


30 ‘Condiments’ of Business Success
(Administrative concerns)
Condiment 13: Create a Customer Engagement Plan
Today’s customers are savvy and want to be carried along every step of the way. Create an engagement plan to keep your customers informed and engage them in your business development process.
You can adopt these 5 Easy And Effective Customer Engagement Strategies:
1. Use social media as an engagement tool and not simply a platform.
You’re closer to reaching your personal peak, if only you can change your mindset about social media.
Social media networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn are not merely platforms for connecting with people.
Yes, these social platforms are primarily for that, but you should use them as tools, if you want better results.
The rapidly evolving behavior of consumers in this age should impact your perception about social media marketing.
Social media is huge. As of July, 2015, the total worldwide population is 7.3 billion . And out of these, about 2.3 billion people are active social media users.
What do you think that these billions of people want?
Do you think that connecting with them is all they want? If that were all, then, it doesn’t make sense – because you can connect with people outside of Facebook.
When people follow you on Twitter, or like your page on Facebook, they took that action because they trust that you’ll help them.
Make no mistakes about it, these people have problems that need urgent solutions. Through customer engagement, you can retain and make customers happier.
Begin to see social media as a tool, not just a platform. This means that you can use the tool to connect, share, identify questions, research influencers and other experts, and create content that your fans will scream, “Wow, ‘ve been looking for this!”
2. Communicate with VIP customers with promotions specifically for them. Simply put, VIP customers are those who have been with you for a long time, purchased your product, referred friends, family members, and fans to your business.
VIP customers are not one-time buyers. But the good news is that through customer engagement, you can turn casual buyers (or one-off buyers) into loyal and trustworthy customers.
3. Obsess over your customers by delivering enormous value
No matter your niche or market, when you put customers first and think about their welfare, you’ll nurture an army of brand advocates.
4. Create custom content that addresses a bugging customer questions
Are you engaging your customers with custom content.
Overall, content marketing is used to drive leads and acquire new customers, whereas, custom content is primarily used to engage and nurture existing customers.
5. Respond promptly to customers’ calls.


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